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Many people in the metaphysical/spiritual/New Age clans are reporting their experiences during the recent 12/21/12 date of predicted ascension. The reality perceptions of the mass consciousness have cast this prediction in dark colors, charged with fear and doom. However, most who were aware that a change did occur experienced subtle, inner alterations, each in their own way. And these alterations were as dramatic as any doomsday prophesies.

While I was going through this shift, a phrase entered my mind describing the situation:

“…very gently, Earth shattering.” My experience was of feeling a particular surge of energy beginning weeks before the predicted date and, I expect, it will continue for some time into the new year.

The ascension energies, for those who are not familiar with this metaphysical drama, have been accelerating for many years. The changes (as I’ve experienced them) in all of our bodies of consciousness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) that have been brought about by ascension energies have caused all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. These energies appeared to come in cycles, ascending spiral cycles. The cycling became much more rapid during the last half of this year.

The particular symptom pattern that I experienced started with head, eye, sinus pain, then throat and chest discomfort, with muscle aches and pains. This was followed by irritability, then “subclinical narcolepsy” with constant sleeping, followed by high energy and insomnia. And finally, a period of feeling (somewhat) balanced.

No one in their right mind would consciously take on such a life. And having done so, one is constantly questioned by others as to whether or not his/her mind is right. Thousands, perhaps millions, of people have taken on variations of these challenges to anchor the ascension energy on Earth… (continued here) »>

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